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Functional Fitness 


We are very proud of our links with the Military, Services workers and Veterans. Dynamic veteran and active service members who are closely linked to the management at Guild are doing great things in the community across many areas. At Guild we are pleased to collaborate bringing to site a state-of-the-art ROGUE FITNESS S&C area with small group classes run by highly trained instructors. With additional locations already signed and in development we are excited for the future of this membership program.

Low cost 'Add on' functional fitness

Support your martial arts training with an 'open gym' add on membership. A relaxed feel with no time limits on kit etc.. Train at your own pace 'mat side'. Just £20 per month. No contract commitment.

Personal Trainers?

You won't have Personal-Trainers hassling you for 1-1 training sessions in our gym space. You will however find a community of highly knowledgable individuals who teach and simply train as members at Guild Of Fighters. Ask questions, get training help and advice as part of a team at no cost.  Conditioning for MMA, Mobility for Grappling are our strength areas.

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